Friday, 29 October 2010

Hallowed Is Thy Name

I finally got that achievement on my priest, so now I have something better than "the Patient" or "the Explorer" to run with. Now, when I rock up somewhere, they're all thinking "Wow, this priest.....yeah....they been places, man....." In my head, that was a stoner-hippy-Troll voice. Kinda creepy too.

Am's finally got the Squashling, but I still want the Horse. And the Helm. I don't care if my t10 IS better. t10 doesn't LAUGH!!

First time I met that damn hat was on my priest when I was healing. I'm healing the tank during a fight, then I hear this cackle laugh maniac sound that almost makes me hit the roof. I'm just glad the tank didn't die while I was wtfing.

We finish the boss. I go "wtf was that?" The tank? He links the Helm to me and says: "Tell me you like my hat."

I confess, I lol'd. For those who don't get it, it's a reference to Flintlocke's Guide to Azeroth, and the ugliest hat in the world =/

But now I finally have a char who can use it. Naturally, I don't get it. I got the sword on my priest. I kept it out of spite to the Loot Gods of Azeroth who give me something I can't use.

I finally tried my DK's tanking spec.
I ran a Heroic with Amnarr as DPS. Nexus. Healer (disc priest) says it was her first dungeon. All good, so we take it slow, so as not to overwhelm her.
It goes splendidly, nobody dies or even drops to near-critical. At the end we all tell her she did well. Everyone leaves group but us two. She says, "want to run again?" I say "Sure, but you interested in HH?" She says "Sure! Let me get my brother." He gets an invite, a lvl 78 rogue. HH goes down like a Gnome punted off TB. She asks if we want to run a normal, for her bro. I say sure. We queue. And wait. And wait. And wait. We wait awhile and it says "average wait time: 40 mins" We go wtf?! We got a healer!!!
Priesty says: "Pretty sure Amnarr's about to volunteer to tank =D"
Amnarr says "Aren't you lucky I'm dual-specced =P"
I then say how I've never tanked before on a DK, and I expect to fail-wipe all over the floor. And I'm not geared for it.
She says "Well it sure beats waiting"
I shrug IRL and queue as tank. BAM! Insta-queue. I could get used to this.
It was Drak'Tharon, I think......that one with all the undead trolls.....and Moor-abi...and the snakes everywhere.....
It goes splendidly. Nobody dies. I freaked a little as I got wailed on and saw my health go down, but she was on top of it. I called a stop once to turn my damn healing mods off. They were scaring me O.o [DANGER! HEALTH REACHING CRITICAL LEVELS!]
I wanted to shake the addon. I'm the TANK, you noob! OF COURSE I'VE GOT THE BLEEDING AGGRO!
I felt much happier when it was turned off.
I learn that the murloc boss apparantly only shows his face in Heroic mode.
Nobody dies at all. I praise the healer. She shrugs it off. I pile it back on (MOAR DOTS!) because my main is a healer, and I know how much it takes to heal a tank without gear or knowledge of tanking besides cooldown whack-a-mole. AoE up? Let's push that button. Rune Strike up? Sure, why not. Oooh, I wonder what this one does? PUSH IT >=D Rawr.
Seriously. That's how I tanked. And nobody got aggro OFF me either, which shoked me heaps. Well, a few times they went for the healer. DEATH GRIP! Plus a cute little macro that gets laughs and smilies from healers:
/cast Death Grip
/p %t! Step away from the healer!!

It was fun.
We finished and the group left.
Then we figured we'd queue for a Heroic. The bro left and we did, with me as DPS again.
And we get... Drak'Tharon Keep! AGAIN! I mention it to the healer, we share a laugh.
The tank says: "Let's hurry through this."
Healer: "This is only my second heroic. Can we not pull rooms?"
Tank: "Keep up heals"
Me: ......this isn't gonna end well....

One Tank, GearScore of OMGWTFAWESOME!?!? And experienced, etc. Run it a thousand times, etc. Ego the size of Jupiter, etc. Doesn't care about anyone besides himself. We all know the type? Thought so.

One Healer, GearScore of IguessitsalrightbutdontexpecttocometoICCwithit. NOT experienced at healeing heroics. Scared. Wants to do well. Doesn't want to let everyone die. Has a little "helper" to talk her through it though....

One DK(me), GearScore of Awesomebutneedstobeatadhigher. Way experienced. Is ticked at the tank. Is telling the tank that. Is whispering the Healer with what to do, who to let die, etc. Was so miffed decided to blog about it.

Two DPS, GearScore of noclue. I didn't look at them much tbh. They kept quiet the whole time though.

Tank decided to move fast so...he pulled the ENTIRE first room at once. All the snakes. ALL of them. AND THE BLEEDING BOSS!!!!
I want to reach through the interwebs and slam his head against his moniter.
Everyone dies except the Healer and tank. All good. I tell her that.
Next boss....same thing.
Next, tank pulls the room. We all wipe. Healer keeps apologising. I say "Not your fault. Tank pulled more than he could handle."
Tank leaves.
DPS both leave.
I'm left with the Healer, and tell her if she ever wants to roll on my realm, she'll totally get a ginvite.
Then the server goes down =/

Okay, rant over.

I'll leave it at that, and not try to kill you with a Wall of Text.

Later days.

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