About Me

I'm Amnarr, a lvl 80 Horde DK on WrA.

Hopefully, I'm planning to update this blog semi-regularly, so...every few days. Some days I'll post more than once.

About RL Me
I'm from Australia, my timezone is GMT+10.
Yes, I have a accent.

About WoW Me
I play on multiple servers, including: Wyrmrest Accord(H), Lothar(A), Thrall(A), Detheroc(H), Oceanic-Caelstrasz(HA), Ravenholdt(H), Silver Hand (H), and more. I have a lot of chars. The (H),(A), and (HA) you see is what faction I play. All are US realms, but Caelstrasz.
My mains are:
WrA: Amnarr, Solann
Lothar: Shikira, Escallibur
Cael: Robinnoob
I don't play the other servers often, mainly when I'm frustrated with PuGs =/

And, if you're really observant, you'll notice most are RP realms.
Feel free to look me up. I never use the same name over multiple realms. Each character has its own unique name. If there's an Amnarr on Lothar, for instance, it's not me, and never will be.

About the Blog
I'll try to update as often as possible, posting screenies etc. from /g, /ra /p /2....well...anywhere really...
I will NEVER allow ads on this site that promote buying gold/buying powerlevelling. So, unless I find people/sites who have WoW-related sites/products that do NOT promote it, this site shall remain adless.

Well, peace out PuGers.

Later days.