Friday, 29 October 2010

Priests and Pallys and Druids......oh my!

Although my main healer is a priest, I consider myself a 'pally healer' at heart.
Meaning that:
-I stand still during fights. Stupid trees.... -.-
-I don't usually remove stuff without prompting. I'm too busy going <Right Click><Right Click><Right Click><Right Click><Right Click><Right Click> I have right click bound to Flash of Light Heal.
-I mostly use Flash Heal. It's so much faster.
-I bubble people.
-I ABUSE Renew. Maybe it's just the Pally in me, but I think "=O A HoT! Yay! Clickyclickyclicky...."
-Being a FailAngel, I have no Penance. But Divine whatever-it's called...Light? Heal? w/e. I use that heaps. Lifeblood. I use. Guardian Spirit I love. I don't think of it as 'if the tank dies it'll insta-rez him' I think of it as "Whoot! Instantly half health =D I'm good at balancing the bars." Tanks don't like me telling them that...

(>^-^)> <(^-^)><(^-^<)

So, naturally, on my Pally...
-Stand still
-I Cleanse, although that's mostly due to the fact that it's bound to my Renew button, and I reflexively click it every few seconds >.<
-Flash of Light. Holy Light is too slow.
-I like bubbles, but I save them on my Pally for OMGWTF moments.
-I hate not having a HoT. Beacon makes up for it a bit though....Nah, not really.
-But, the Pally's insta-heal? I love it. Seriously. Clickyclicky

When my Pally's tanking:
-Try to stand still for the melee. As a DK I know how hard it is to hit things when the tank kites them.
-I insist a healer has at LEAST 50% mana before I pull a room. 100% for boss fights. *shrug* I play a healer too.
-Bam! Consecration. I hate how they nerfed it.
-Bubbles on the healer if they get too much aggro.
-I throw Avenger's Shield around for lols. I can seriously ONESHOT THREE normal mobs only a level below me with that thing. Clickyclicky
-And if I see someone's bar turn a brown-red colour? I Cleanse it. It's a reflex, because it's what I do when healing, one to cleanse, and one to renew Renew (see what I did there =D)

After one tough boss fight the shammy asked in party "dude.....were you cleansing in the fight?"
Me: "Yes...."
Shammy: "total respect dude"
Nobody backchatted me for the rest of the instance, I think they were too in shock that a Pally could do something more than lolfaceroll.

And my druid.....
-HATEHATEHATE moving during fights!
-I don't dispell (or cure poison w/e) unless there's something my HoTs can't handle.
-I just use my clickies. Big Heal? Left Click. Little heal plus little HoT? Right Click. Hot? Middle.
-No bubbles here. More HoTs though.
-My Druid is too HoT to handle. Bad joke, I know. I also don't care.
I don't like having almost nothing BUT HoTs. It's too...fiddly. It's like having a nice car, that runs well, but when you close the door of it, it makes a tiny noise, and you think 'did I shut it properly, or does it just close soft?' I want the car that has a good solid noise when you shut the door, and you can shut it hard without it denting >.<

Hallowed Is Thy Name

I finally got that achievement on my priest, so now I have something better than "the Patient" or "the Explorer" to run with. Now, when I rock up somewhere, they're all thinking "Wow, this priest.....yeah....they been places, man....." In my head, that was a stoner-hippy-Troll voice. Kinda creepy too.

Am's finally got the Squashling, but I still want the Horse. And the Helm. I don't care if my t10 IS better. t10 doesn't LAUGH!!

First time I met that damn hat was on my priest when I was healing. I'm healing the tank during a fight, then I hear this cackle laugh maniac sound that almost makes me hit the roof. I'm just glad the tank didn't die while I was wtfing.

We finish the boss. I go "wtf was that?" The tank? He links the Helm to me and says: "Tell me you like my hat."

I confess, I lol'd. For those who don't get it, it's a reference to Flintlocke's Guide to Azeroth, and the ugliest hat in the world =/

But now I finally have a char who can use it. Naturally, I don't get it. I got the sword on my priest. I kept it out of spite to the Loot Gods of Azeroth who give me something I can't use.

I finally tried my DK's tanking spec.
I ran a Heroic with Amnarr as DPS. Nexus. Healer (disc priest) says it was her first dungeon. All good, so we take it slow, so as not to overwhelm her.
It goes splendidly, nobody dies or even drops to near-critical. At the end we all tell her she did well. Everyone leaves group but us two. She says, "want to run again?" I say "Sure, but you interested in HH?" She says "Sure! Let me get my brother." He gets an invite, a lvl 78 rogue. HH goes down like a Gnome punted off TB. She asks if we want to run a normal, for her bro. I say sure. We queue. And wait. And wait. And wait. We wait awhile and it says "average wait time: 40 mins" We go wtf?! We got a healer!!!
Priesty says: "Pretty sure Amnarr's about to volunteer to tank =D"
Amnarr says "Aren't you lucky I'm dual-specced =P"
I then say how I've never tanked before on a DK, and I expect to fail-wipe all over the floor. And I'm not geared for it.
She says "Well it sure beats waiting"
I shrug IRL and queue as tank. BAM! Insta-queue. I could get used to this.
It was Drak'Tharon, I think......that one with all the undead trolls.....and Moor-abi...and the snakes everywhere.....
It goes splendidly. Nobody dies. I freaked a little as I got wailed on and saw my health go down, but she was on top of it. I called a stop once to turn my damn healing mods off. They were scaring me O.o [DANGER! HEALTH REACHING CRITICAL LEVELS!]
I wanted to shake the addon. I'm the TANK, you noob! OF COURSE I'VE GOT THE BLEEDING AGGRO!
I felt much happier when it was turned off.
I learn that the murloc boss apparantly only shows his face in Heroic mode.
Nobody dies at all. I praise the healer. She shrugs it off. I pile it back on (MOAR DOTS!) because my main is a healer, and I know how much it takes to heal a tank without gear or knowledge of tanking besides cooldown whack-a-mole. AoE up? Let's push that button. Rune Strike up? Sure, why not. Oooh, I wonder what this one does? PUSH IT >=D Rawr.
Seriously. That's how I tanked. And nobody got aggro OFF me either, which shoked me heaps. Well, a few times they went for the healer. DEATH GRIP! Plus a cute little macro that gets laughs and smilies from healers:
/cast Death Grip
/p %t! Step away from the healer!!

It was fun.
We finished and the group left.
Then we figured we'd queue for a Heroic. The bro left and we did, with me as DPS again.
And we get... Drak'Tharon Keep! AGAIN! I mention it to the healer, we share a laugh.
The tank says: "Let's hurry through this."
Healer: "This is only my second heroic. Can we not pull rooms?"
Tank: "Keep up heals"
Me: ......this isn't gonna end well....

One Tank, GearScore of OMGWTFAWESOME!?!? And experienced, etc. Run it a thousand times, etc. Ego the size of Jupiter, etc. Doesn't care about anyone besides himself. We all know the type? Thought so.

One Healer, GearScore of IguessitsalrightbutdontexpecttocometoICCwithit. NOT experienced at healeing heroics. Scared. Wants to do well. Doesn't want to let everyone die. Has a little "helper" to talk her through it though....

One DK(me), GearScore of Awesomebutneedstobeatadhigher. Way experienced. Is ticked at the tank. Is telling the tank that. Is whispering the Healer with what to do, who to let die, etc. Was so miffed decided to blog about it.

Two DPS, GearScore of noclue. I didn't look at them much tbh. They kept quiet the whole time though.

Tank decided to move fast so...he pulled the ENTIRE first room at once. All the snakes. ALL of them. AND THE BLEEDING BOSS!!!!
I want to reach through the interwebs and slam his head against his moniter.
Everyone dies except the Healer and tank. All good. I tell her that.
Next boss....same thing.
Next, tank pulls the room. We all wipe. Healer keeps apologising. I say "Not your fault. Tank pulled more than he could handle."
Tank leaves.
DPS both leave.
I'm left with the Healer, and tell her if she ever wants to roll on my realm, she'll totally get a ginvite.
Then the server goes down =/

Okay, rant over.

I'll leave it at that, and not try to kill you with a Wall of Text.

Later days.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Back.....For real this time....

Sorry for going MIA, but RL crept up on me a bit and I needed to sort it all out.

A bit late but....It's Hallow's End!
Headless Horseman is one of my favourite seasonal bosses, if only because he drops a mount AND pet. I'm a hopeless collector.

I finally got both on my priest, bringing my mounts up to 24, and my pets up to 78.
My DK is now farming for them both.

I am so ticked off at idiotic PuGers. The tank runs over to the pumpkin and...stops. Me, the healer, thinks 'crap, he's d/c'd'. The idiotic DPS think 'lol wtf he doin noob' and run over and click on it. For some reason, they don't get D/C and the Horseman wails on us. Why? BECAUSE OUR GODDAMN TANK WAS D/C YOU MORON!!!!

Everytime that happens now, I let them die. I don't try to heal them anymore, unless they're a druid, pally, warrior or DK that's smart enough to keep aggro off me.

 /end rant

I've almost got the 'Hallowed' title on my priest. Never though I'd have the patience to play Alli for more than a few hours, but apparently not.

Also, I found a blog being written by a friend of mine, Shad. She's blogging about her chars that are levelling on Azgalor (Alli, bleh X.X). She's pretty funny, and promised me 50g if I mentioned her blog on mine. What can I say? I'm easily bought out. Check her site out, it's a good laugh.

Later days.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Me + Belf = Happy


Almost all of my Hordies are Belfs: My DK, my pally, my lock, my rogue(hatehatehate), my hunter.
Not Belf: Orc hunter, Cow druid, Undead Mage, troll priest(placeholder for goblin), undead warrrior.

It's ridiculous. People hate Belfs (especially the male ones that I favour), because they're very feminine. Why do I play male Belfs? Because my females are spammed with ERP requests/demands  =/
Why do I play Belfs? Because of one main reason.


Seriously, it's a desert zone that mind-numbingly stretches in every direction, and no matter where you are, you need to be on the other side of the zone. Plus, Chuck Norris and Yo Mama feature often in Barrens chat. And Mankirk's Wife.  /leave general   /e sighs in relief.

I found a Demotivational Poster once about that. It had a Barrens loading screen and said:
Because Chuck Norris IS that cool, and your mom IS that easy.

I confess, I literally lol'd and sent links though guild chat. We all lol'd. It featured as my desktop for a while.

Anyway, I love Belfs Barrens! Sure, they have the Ghostlands, but it's better. Much better. Same for the Undead, but Silverpine Forest.

But I don't mind Belfs, to be honest. My hair is almost as long as my DKs, and is a similar colour. (OMG, PLEASE don't Armory me after saying that....) =/  Anyway......Belfs are the 'pretty' ones of the Horde. Saying that, my DK and pally are seriously OP and will cry when they're nerfed come Cata. Who else can solo a 3-man quest from Outlands all the way to Northrend? *ego goes here*

But seriously, the Barrens aren't so bad on WrA. Because we're an RP realm, Barrens Chat is fairly tame compared to others. Like...a slightly less intense Trade Chat....

Oh well, we can't win 'em all.

Later days.

Monday, 4 October 2010

No heals for you.

^^^ This post. Read it.

Now that you've read it, I'd like to inform you that my first ever 80, my holy priest, as well as my current pally-healer has the same issue. I don't just want those health bars to be full, I NEED them to be full.

And ask anyone who has ever sat next to me while I healed a PuG would have often heard me say: "Crap. I hate it when they have confidence in me." This is usually followed by: "That idiot! Pulling THREE groups?! What was he thinking?! I should let him die! But then I'd die.....stupid choices!"

....Seriously. Healing+over-confident-tank=stress for me.

That being said, I'll always be a healer at heart. My first ever character was that Holy Priest. (I'm not counting the trial warrior I played to level 20 on a friend's account in Vanilla that first got me hooked.) And being a Holy priest, I'm used to dying. I almost rerolled a few times due to being too squishy for life, but I stuck to it. My gear still sucks, but it's not as bad as it was.

One of my Warlock buddies says that he loves it when I heal, because he knows he'll live.
My Mage buddy, says he's okay with me healing, but that he knows he'll always die.

Why? Because I do this thing called 'prioritize'. Meaning at the start of each run, everyone gets a number.
Tank is number 1.
Healer (me) is number 2.
Warlocks and hunters are number 3.
Pallies, DKs, warriors are number 4.
Priests and Boomkin druids are number 5.
Shammies, rogues and Catform druids are number 6.
Mages are number 7.
Anyone that annoys me is number 8.

The higher the number, the quicker you get heals.
Usually, everyone is kept at their peak heal, but on boss fights etc. where I have to chose who to heal and who to let die, this is my system.

So, naturally, 'locks love me. Mages, not so much.
My reasoning is that 'locks and hunters have pets, so we lose two dps'ers if they go down.
Pallies, DKs, and warriors wear plate, so they can take a bit more wailing and live longer as they dps.
DPS Priests and Boomkins are next, because Boomkins are massively powerful, and so are S-priests, but neither pull too much aggro.
Shammies, rogues and cats.....they do killer DPS, but they pull aggro ridiculously! And backchat if you ask them to tone it down a bit.*
And mages....they not only pull aggro, but they get one-shotted. *
And for those who annoy me..... well, they rarely get any heals...or rezzes....or kindness in general until they apologise for their stupidity.**

I am quick to let people die. If I'm explaining a fight, and you charge over towards the boss, or pull something, no heals for you.
If I click my drinking macro***, and you pull, no heals for you. Until I've got my mana back at least.
If you are constantly playing "Simon Says Companion Pets"****, no heals for you.
If you talk in only cAPS & NUMB3R5 after I ask you not to, because it hurts my eyes, no heals for you.
If you say "Get with the times grandpa" after the above occurs, no heals for you.
If you ask for heals, you get a macro#, but no heals.
If you whine about my macros, no heals.
If you polymorph ANYTHING that you're not supposed to (critters, the next group, etc), especially during fights.
If we wipe and you unjustly blame me, no heals.
If we wipe and you justly blame me, I will apologise. (Shocked?)
If we wipe and you demand to be rezzed, you won't be.
If we wipe and you say nothing and don't release......depends on my mood.
If we wipe and you ask for a'll usually get one
If we wipe and you ask for a rez politely, you will almost always get one.
If we wipe and you say you get lost, I say "lol, I hear that" and rez you. Assuming of course, I don't get lost on the way to your corpse## =/

*The 1st Law of Mana Conservation comes into play here. "If you're non-essential, and it takes more mana to keep you alive than to rez you, the group is better if you die."
**I'm making a full post about this later, but in the meantime please don't hate. I acknowledge the difference between ignorance and stupidity. That is factored in.
***For those interested it's:
/e sits to drink.
/use (water of choice goes here)
/p I am currently out of mana, and no more heals will be coming till my blue bar's full. With that knowledge, feel free to pull. If you really think it's the smart thing to do.
****I'll admit, this game is rather fun, but during fights it just isn't appropriate.
#The macro depends on the class. My Priest's is:
/p Thankyou for requesting a heal!
/p For Greater Heal, please press 1.
/p For Flash Heal, please press 2.
/p For Renew, please press 3.
/p A healing representative will be with you shortly! Have a nice day!
##I am known for getting lost in ToC. ....Seriously. Not finding it. While in it. .....yeah.

Me? Ummm....okay....

Okay, somebody asked me this a while ago, and it's been stewing as I've seriously considered that casual question.

"You've got a blog, so...what other people's blogs do you read?"

Honestly? This is me reading a blog:
*skims over page* Aww, they quit WoW =/

I swear, that's every blog I've seen.

Although, saying that, often I do go back to read the old posts.

Here are some of my favourite pages, this list is made WITHOUT permission from the respective authors, if yours is here and you want it off, just let me know. - creeped the hell out of me =/ I allways saw those kids on my Allis, but never took much notice.

I'll add more as I find them again.

Later days.


So, had my surgery.  Took a little longer than I expected to be able to log on (my internet hates me and decided to not work) but here I am again!

I'm sorry I missed last wednesday, but I did ask if there was some way I could access the internet from the hospital. They gave me some sleeping pills and said "maybe later". Grrr.....

I'm in a wheelchair, which is not as much fun as I though it would be. I thought I'd be spinning wheelies, etc. but I'm much happier to sit there......doing....nothing.....  >.<  I hate you meds that make me sleepy and bleh-ish.

But, I'm back. And even better, on WoW again.

So, happy gaming everyone.

Later days.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Wednesday Wind-Up

This week's Wind-Up....

WoW: It's just a game...

What I say? No, it's not just a game.

When you pay US$15 each month in order to play this game, it means a lot more than something you don't have to pay for.
When you spend hours, days, months, years just trying to level and build your characters up, they mean more to you than some Sim that's easily replicated.
When you build or join a guild, make friends (or enemies) and learn to live in Azeroth, it means more than some uninteresting landscape.
When the lore surrounds and encompasses you, getting you caught up in the fever, it means more then some world where you're just...there. (I'm looking at you Runescape)
When you RP your character, build their qualities and faults, strengths and weaknesses, family bonds and ties of friendship, they are often more real, more easily understood  then that stranger down the street.

Yes, WoW is a game. But it's not JUST a game! It's a way of life.

Later days.

AFK from IRL

So I'm going to be leaving to have surgery.

Hospitalization: 1 week
Wheelchair: 6 weeks
Crutches: ????(who knows)

So, unless I can steal some internet, no posts from me.

It's a femuralosteotomy, if you know medical terms. (I think I spelt it right...)

Well, I'm off to spend some more time with my precious WoW, before I'm /afk 1 week.

Assuming there's no complications, I'll definately be online after that.

Later days.

Outland: Easy on the level, hard on the eyes.

So my paladin is now lvl 58, Outland here I come.

About 10 quests in, and I've replaced all my gear =/  All those blues traded for greens. It hurts, but the stats are better.

What hurts even more, is how you look. I went from red-and-gold themed armour(mostly the Lightforge set), to a mottley array of scrap metal. I look disgusting.

And my healing set is even worse. I had mostly the Magister's set for healing, with a few Postmaster pieces, but now I have a few cloth pieces, a few leather, some mail, and one plate piece. It's worse than if I had dressed in the dark.

Plus my head piece makes me look like a Borg =/

Oh, well. I guess I'll just have to find some gear with good stats that are a bit easier on the eyes.

Later days.

Monday, 20 September 2010

If I ever have to PuG [insert dungeon here] I will [insert action here]!

We all have one, a dungeon that we hope the LFG system will never throw us into.

Naturally, it's the next one you get.

But what do you do? Do you stick it out? Getting hopelessly lost and possibly suffering abuse from your fellow group members? Do you leave and suffer the PuG-deserter debuff(the one that looks like a dead canary)?

Up until quite recently, mine was Wailing Caverns. And all my levelling alts would always get thrown it there. Usually I would stick with it. Sometimes I left. Then one day, the ultimate horror happened:

Guildie: Hey!
Me: Hey.
Guildie: You doing anything?
Me: Playing with the AH.
Guildie: Wanna run me through something?
Me: Sure!
Guildie: Sweet. Meet you at WC! /log
Me: o_O

I hate WC. This guidie KNEW that. But they wanted the Fang set for their Druid. So, I sucked it up and went.

And as we ran it, I was shocked my how much of it I knew. Although I shocked an RL friend that was with us on Vent (he was sitting next to me IRL). Apparently, he never realised how much I swore while tanking/healing/boosting. Or how much stress the boostee causes me. I found his reaction amusing.

Over Vent, I was confident about the way through. "This way." "We're going left here." "...your other left." etc.

IRL...."Oh, crap." "@#$%, where'd he go?" "Damn...I'm lost." "This wasn't here last time...." "Gah, where am I?" "I hate this place." "I'm never running anyone ever again!" etc.

He informed the guild over Vent, that he was leaving the computer for a while. When asked why he said: "Because Am's mutterings are freaking the hell out of me." Now everyone wants to hear them. I don't want them to. I think I must be the only person that mutters/talks-to-self while playing the game. I don't even realise I'mdoing it until someone points it out.

But, back to the story, I eventually got all the bosses down, so we headed back to the start to talk to the druid there. All the while I'm thinking 'pleaseletitworkpleaseletitworkpleaseletitwork'. And it did. So I'm crowing over Vent, as we follow the insanely slow-walking druid. (I swear that it took longer for him to get to the Sleeper than it did for us to run the instance =/)

Eventually we got there. Killed the swarms. Killed the murloc with glee. (I HATE them with a passion. That passion is hate.) Watched the two druids turn into birds and fly out. Complain about how the druids could use Flying form in Azeroth. ("I CALL HAX!" was said often.) Eventually we stopped sulking that they had flying forms in Vanilla (well, mostly. I'm still sour.) and left for Xroads.

All in all, it was a fun day. I found in-game-hax, as well as finally not being afraid of LFD'ing Wailing Caverns.

Now, to conquer Gnomeragan, Blackrock Depths, and Sunken Temple. Especially BRD. Although finding the dwarf-guy with the coffer-key is kinda fun....

Although I STILL hate regular Oculus. Heroic is alright, because everyone knows the fight and it's over quick. But're lucky if the tank can keep aggro, and everyone can get it through their heads to STAY ON THE DAMN DRAGON FOR THE LAST BOSS! I want to reach through the internet and slam their heads against their screens.

Oh, well. I guess we can't have them all.....

Best of luck to all your PuGs.

Later Days.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Wednesday Wind-Up

I'm going to try to start something that (hopefully) will continue for as long as this blog is up.

Each Wednesday, I plan to post the Weekly Wind-up, meaning that I'm going to share my opinion on a controversial WoW-related subject, and I'm hoping that at least one person will share their opinion, agree with me, disagree with me, or shed a different light on the issue.

This week?

Should Trade Chat be used ONLY for trading/buying/selling?

As opposed to the remake of Barrens Chat that it currently is. =/

I believe that it is good for advertising things, such as buying/selling/trading, guilds (even though they have their own channel), raids (again, their own channel).

It should NOT be about your mother, Chuck Norris, [Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker], [Krol Blade], or what you got up to last night.

People shouldn't be making sexual, racist, sexist, or offensive remarks on such a public channel. If you want to let everyone know that the Alliance is going down, so sign up for a [For The Horde!] raid on SW, that's fine. But if you're saying that women/black people/etc are inferior and can suck your @#$%, that's crossing the line.

But that's just my opinion. Looking forward to hearing yours.
Until then,
Later days.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Doing It With One Hand....

Calm down, I'm talking about raiding with one hand. Meaning trying to run a raid or PuG while eating, reading, or anything else that requires the full attention of one hand.

I'm guilty of this. A lot. So are most people I knnow.

But, unlike most, I can still move, attack/cast/heal AND eat, while not causing a wipe.

I'm not trying to brag here, I just thought it would be interesting to post about it after a funny Vent convo I had the other day.
(unless specified, everything is being spoken over Vent)
RL: Ready? GO!
*fight goes here*
RL: Shik, you keeping up?
RL: Shik?
Shik(me): (typed) Yeah, I'm good.
RL: Dude, why aren't you talking?
Me: (typed) Coz I'm eating, noob.
*fight's over*
RL: ......Dude, you were healing while EATING?! WTF is WRONG WITH YOU?!?!
Me: (talked this time) I kept up didn't I?
RL: Well...yeah...
Druid-buddy: Wotcha eating?
Me: Pie.
Druid: I like pie.... What flavour?
Me: Umm...beef? Is that a flavour, or a filling? Hmm....either way.
Druid: ....'Kay.....
RL: Lemme get this healed...while eating?
Me: Yup.
RL: You did it...with one hand?
Someone else: That's what she said....
RL: Not cool dude.
Me: Well, yeah. I have VuhDo, you know.
RL: .....But how'd you move? Use your action bars?
Me: .....Use the mouse?
RL: But...that''d be swinging it everywhere, wouldn't you?
Me: Nah, I got a mouse with extra buttons. Got my action bars wired up to them.
RL: ...How many buttons does this mouse have?
Me: Umm.....*counts*....17.
RL: Why do you need that many?
Me: Duh. So I can eat pie during raids.

Incidentally, my mouse is a Razer Naga. I combine it with the addon made specially for WoW and the mouse. It is awesome. I'll post a pic or two of it here once I work out how.
Anyway, it's awesome.
I'd only recommend it if you either have small hands (women or kids) or are okay with using small mice (like me). It's even smaller than some 'standard' mice I've seen, and the smallest gaming mouse I've ever laid eyes on, excluding laptop/portable ones.

It did take a week or so to get used to, but now I can honestly say that I couldn't go back. I almost had a panic attack when I had to heal while using a friend's computer using his non-Naga mouse. Let's just say we wiped a few times until I worked it out. So, no moving, no attacking, only healing. And even then, only sparingly.

I would fail without my mouse.

Well, I'll stop pimping my mouse now. But seriously, check out their website, or at least Google them.

Later days.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Winter Grasp Is Out Of Reach?

For the umpteenth time, the Alliance has successfully defended against us Hordies. Never mind that we own at AB, AV, WG, EotS, SotA, AND IoC. Why do we suck at WG, when we used to win each one?


The Allis KNOW they suck, so what do they do? Get an ex-Hordie-now-Alli and make him their general. They're organised now, because they made the effort to not suck.

What do we do? Argue for 10 minutes over who will lead the raid group(ignoring the person with the red font), resort to insulting each others' mothers and manhood (or lack thereof), and everyone goes off in a different direction.
And because of this, we always lose. So, because everyone assumes it's a lost cause, nobody shows. So we lose.

It's a Catch 22, people. We always lose, so people don't come. But because people don't come, we always lose.

Sometimes I want to grab these Trade Chat idiots and shake them until they're cross-eyed, drooling idiots. Well, more of a cross-eyed drooling idiot. I have a low opinion of those people. I want to get them drunk, so drunk they pass out. I want to keep this drinking going for a week. Then? Then I will let them sleep. Then I will wake them up, and SCREAM in their ears. I will watch them cry from their hangover.

And I will enjoy it.

Also, I would have taped the whole thing, so that when they continue in their ways, I could put it on YouTube. I will then link it in Trade Chat.

Why? Because I'm a DK. We're made to be evil.

Only a handful of us show anymore. Minutes ago, we lost WG (big shock there =/) with only 20 people in the raid group. A few of us non-Tradies even try to follow the plans. Not that it works.

Wondering what's up with the title? I thought "Winter Grasp Is Out Of Our Grasp?" was too stupid a pun to make. Even for me.

So, we'll have to cope with no VoA or Stonekeepers Shards until the Horde develops some maturity.

Later days.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Too Much WoW? .....Nah

Last night I had a dream.
This in itself is unusual, as I rarely remember dreams.
Here it is:
I was on my DK, Amnarr, and I was going around in an area that looked like a cross between Thousand needles and the Barrens killing Wind Serpents. Every time I tried skinning them it came up in that dreaded red text :Skill Not High Enough.
Then I woke up.

My first thought was not: "OMG! I dreamt about Wow?! I am such a nerd.", but rather it was: "Huh? My skinning is totally maxed!"

2nd thought: "Hang on...I replaced that axe...and that helm...and those boots..."
Yes, Dream-Amnarr was running around in old gear I replaced weeks ago.

3rd thought: "Why was I farming windserpents? Where were they?"
From what I remember, they were white-ish, and about as tall as Amnarr. (Male Belf)
Like the size/colour of the ones in WC.

I am such a WoW nerd.

Later days.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Title Not Found

Since I discovered a rant before I could post my 'intro', I guess this will have to be my 2nd post.

Who are you? Amnarr.
Where are you from? Australia. That's GMT +10.
How old are you? Nunya.
Nunya? None of your business. I say it enough to warrant an abreviation.
You play WoW? Yes.
For the Horde or Glory to the Alliance?  Lok'tar! For the Horde! Although I do have Allis, the Horde is far superior.
What server do you play on? Mainly Wyrmrest Accord (WrA) Horde-side. My main is a DK named Amnarr. I also play on several other servers. If you want to look me up, feel free. If you play on a different realm, leave a comment or something, and I'll let you know if I play there.
Will you give me gold? Quite possibly. If you ask for it? No. I give gold to low levels that ask for help, not money. If you're under lvl 15, I'll try to be polite as I tell you how to get gold. If you're lvl 16+, I reserve the right to send you on a quest to get the gold. If you keep bothering me, I'll report you to your guild.
Will you help me? If I'm not in a PuG, sure. But don't expect me to follow you around all day.
Why BotL'd Insanity? My guild is called Bringer of the Light, which we abbreviate to BotL (pronounced the same as 'bottle'). And...our sanity has often been questioned.....mostly

Well, that's all the FAQ I can think of at the moment. If I get any more, I'll edit them in.

What I'm listening to: Honor Killz by A6.
What I'm drinking: Ginger beer.
What I last ate: Crystallised ginger. (getting the ginger theme?)
What I'm wearing: Jeans, shirt, jacket, underwear. (Someone actually asked me this in-game =/)
What smiley are you: X.X , but sicker. And a tongue poking out.

Later days.


Ever had one of those in your group? The ones that type with the caps on? And it's rather obvious who they are, because: "lYK OMG!!111!!!!ONE!!!11! 3P1C L0075!!11! CAN I HAZ???!?!?! PLZ?!!?!?!?!?"

Just reading that makes me want to wash my eyes. With bleach.

What I don't understand is why they think it's a good idea to write like that. Do they think people will say: "Wow! That individual there certainly has a most excellent grasp of language and its structure! They shall have my respect for the rest of time!" Yeah....that's not going to happen.

I've been accused of "being old", but it seriously hurts my eyes and my head to try to decipher that nonsense. I get txt-tlk, I really do. It's faster to type "moov u nub" than to type "Why, it may be in your best interest to move from your current location, as you are standing in the boss' line of fire." I'm being ridiculous, I know, but to replace letters with numbers? Surely that takes more time still!

Maybe I am getting old, but I still want to whack those noobs with my DK's axe.

Later days.