Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Me + Belf = Happy


Almost all of my Hordies are Belfs: My DK, my pally, my lock, my rogue(hatehatehate), my hunter.
Not Belf: Orc hunter, Cow druid, Undead Mage, troll priest(placeholder for goblin), undead warrrior.

It's ridiculous. People hate Belfs (especially the male ones that I favour), because they're very feminine. Why do I play male Belfs? Because my females are spammed with ERP requests/demands  =/
Why do I play Belfs? Because of one main reason.


Seriously, it's a desert zone that mind-numbingly stretches in every direction, and no matter where you are, you need to be on the other side of the zone. Plus, Chuck Norris and Yo Mama feature often in Barrens chat. And Mankirk's Wife.  /leave general   /e sighs in relief.

I found a Demotivational Poster once about that. It had a Barrens loading screen and said:
Because Chuck Norris IS that cool, and your mom IS that easy.

I confess, I literally lol'd and sent links though guild chat. We all lol'd. It featured as my desktop for a while.

Anyway, I love Belfs because....no Barrens! Sure, they have the Ghostlands, but it's better. Much better. Same for the Undead, but Silverpine Forest.

But I don't mind Belfs, to be honest. My hair is almost as long as my DKs, and is a similar colour. (OMG, PLEASE don't Armory me after saying that....) =/  Anyway......Belfs are the 'pretty' ones of the Horde. Saying that, my DK and pally are seriously OP and will cry when they're nerfed come Cata. Who else can solo a 3-man quest from Outlands all the way to Northrend? *ego goes here*

But seriously, the Barrens aren't so bad on WrA. Because we're an RP realm, Barrens Chat is fairly tame compared to others. Like...a slightly less intense Trade Chat....

Oh well, we can't win 'em all.

Later days.

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  1. LOL @ hating Barrens. So many people do. I don't get over there much anymore, but when I do, I am reminded of the constant Chuck Norris jokes. Sometimes it is fun, but these days on my server, Trade Chat is much more annoying.