Friday, 29 October 2010

Priests and Pallys and Druids......oh my!

Although my main healer is a priest, I consider myself a 'pally healer' at heart.
Meaning that:
-I stand still during fights. Stupid trees.... -.-
-I don't usually remove stuff without prompting. I'm too busy going <Right Click><Right Click><Right Click><Right Click><Right Click><Right Click> I have right click bound to Flash of Light Heal.
-I mostly use Flash Heal. It's so much faster.
-I bubble people.
-I ABUSE Renew. Maybe it's just the Pally in me, but I think "=O A HoT! Yay! Clickyclickyclicky...."
-Being a FailAngel, I have no Penance. But Divine whatever-it's called...Light? Heal? w/e. I use that heaps. Lifeblood. I use. Guardian Spirit I love. I don't think of it as 'if the tank dies it'll insta-rez him' I think of it as "Whoot! Instantly half health =D I'm good at balancing the bars." Tanks don't like me telling them that...

(>^-^)> <(^-^)><(^-^<)

So, naturally, on my Pally...
-Stand still
-I Cleanse, although that's mostly due to the fact that it's bound to my Renew button, and I reflexively click it every few seconds >.<
-Flash of Light. Holy Light is too slow.
-I like bubbles, but I save them on my Pally for OMGWTF moments.
-I hate not having a HoT. Beacon makes up for it a bit though....Nah, not really.
-But, the Pally's insta-heal? I love it. Seriously. Clickyclicky

When my Pally's tanking:
-Try to stand still for the melee. As a DK I know how hard it is to hit things when the tank kites them.
-I insist a healer has at LEAST 50% mana before I pull a room. 100% for boss fights. *shrug* I play a healer too.
-Bam! Consecration. I hate how they nerfed it.
-Bubbles on the healer if they get too much aggro.
-I throw Avenger's Shield around for lols. I can seriously ONESHOT THREE normal mobs only a level below me with that thing. Clickyclicky
-And if I see someone's bar turn a brown-red colour? I Cleanse it. It's a reflex, because it's what I do when healing, one to cleanse, and one to renew Renew (see what I did there =D)

After one tough boss fight the shammy asked in party "dude.....were you cleansing in the fight?"
Me: "Yes...."
Shammy: "total respect dude"
Nobody backchatted me for the rest of the instance, I think they were too in shock that a Pally could do something more than lolfaceroll.

And my druid.....
-HATEHATEHATE moving during fights!
-I don't dispell (or cure poison w/e) unless there's something my HoTs can't handle.
-I just use my clickies. Big Heal? Left Click. Little heal plus little HoT? Right Click. Hot? Middle.
-No bubbles here. More HoTs though.
-My Druid is too HoT to handle. Bad joke, I know. I also don't care.
I don't like having almost nothing BUT HoTs. It's too...fiddly. It's like having a nice car, that runs well, but when you close the door of it, it makes a tiny noise, and you think 'did I shut it properly, or does it just close soft?' I want the car that has a good solid noise when you shut the door, and you can shut it hard without it denting >.<


  1. I absolutely love my pally healer, but not having a HOT makes me feel so empty.....

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